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What keeps you up at night?  Is your window for accreditation survey approaching?  Have you had a series of events that have placed your organization in the regulatory cross-hairs?  From your maintenance staff to dietary, from nursing to respiratory, from all leaders to all front-line staff -- How confident are you that your staff is ready to respond knowledgeably and confidently to a surveyor?
How can we best support your organization in their journey to be recognized as an accredited highly reliable organization that values patient safety?  We are highly skilled at a wide range of mock survey processes.  Whether we complete the mock survey for your team as third party reviewers or act as consultants to your process, we are here to meet your unique needs.  Do you want a mock survey of the entire organization or a focused survey over one department?  We will design and implement a mock survey process that educates from managers to front-line staff that complements, reinforces, and elevates their performance not just during crunch-time, but in a sustainable and maintainable practice.
Have you just been notified that surveyors are in the building?  We can be on site in 12 hours to facilitate and mitigate in real time.  The faster you call us, the faster we can go to work on your organization's behalf. 
Has the survey already occurred and your team needs assistance to produce the immediate results needed?  Are these changes being implemented in a way that is maintainable and sustainable?  We can assist your organization with the response and the follow through to address all shortcomings with a sense of urgency and diligence.


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